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Dr. Milind Tanwar

Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement 
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Dr. Milind Tanwar is trained from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS), Rohtak and has wide experience in Arthroscopy and Sports injuries along with Complex Fracture management. Special interest in Key Hole/ Minimally invasive surgery of Joints (Arthroscopy procedures) includes Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Elbow and Wrist.

He also has refined experience in Primary/ Revision joint replacement surgery post training for 2 years at Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjung Hospital. Later trained as an International Institute of Musculoskeletal Research (IMRI) fellow in South Australia, with Dr. Daniel Waters, Dr. Chen Meng Ling (Upper limb), Dr. Jegan Krishnan, Dr. Mario Penta, Dr. Aman Sood in Adelaide, Australia. 


He gained his further Shoulder Surgery Expertise from Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Pune under the aegis of Dr. Ashish Babulkar.

Besides clinical acumen and fine surgical experience, he possesses various publications in journals of international & national repute and is also a co-author of “Fundamentals in Orthopaedics” by Jaypee Publications. Dr. Tanwar has been an active participant in various academically enlightening events and presented research work in the same. He was also awarded the highest merit in master’s degree in orthopaedics during his post graduation. He has been Faculty for various National conferences on Arthroscopy and Joint disorders.

His motive of “Healthcare for All” and continuing a legacy of a healthcare facility free of corporate pressures is the motivation behind his work and humble nature.

Joint Replacement
Fracture Management
Expert's Talk

Hear the latest from the experts. The video blog is solely for education purpose of the patients who are suffering from sports injuries and their related FAQ's

With over 10 years plus experience and performed over 1000 plus surgeries in his career, Dr. Milind believes in explaining in detail the disease and its treatment to his clients, for results are completely dependant on this understanding of the patient

ACL Injury

All you need to know.


ACL Repair

ACL Repair is a surgical procedure done with arthroscopy where the injured ligament is reattached to the parent bone from where it has got torn. 

This procedure is commonly used in Sherman type 1 ACL injury only, preferably in the first 6 weeks of injury. Good functional results.


ACL Augmentation Surgery

ACL Augmentation is done in patients where there is a partial ACL tear presenting with Instability of the knee. Previous remanent is preserved and new ligament is reconstructed parallel to the natural one.


ACL Reconstruction/ Internal Brace Surgery

ACL reconstruction is a standard process where the torn ligament is replaced with a new anterior cruciate ligament (Graft used : Autologous) . Excellent functional results is a thumbs rule with meticulous rehabilitation for at least 9-12 months.


Mucoid ACL

Mucoid ACL is a controversial topic where this change in ACL is considered post injury or age related. These patients can't typically squat or fold their knee like normal. Treatment involves de-bulking/ reconstruction depending on patient demand.

Dr. Milind Tanwar

Shoulder Injury


Shoulder Dislocation

Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation is a common problem and can lead to end of Sporting Career for an athlete. Shoulder dislocation causes a irreversible damage to the joint and leads to painful restricted movements. 

Treatments include Arthroscopic Bankart Repair, Remplissage and Bony procedures like Latarjet which have good to excellent functional outcomes.


Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuff tendinitis, partial tears and complete tears can be a cause of nagging discomfort in the shoulder accompanied with Lack of strength and inability to perform ADL, especially in elderly patients.

The patients of Rotator cuff tears have excellent functional recovery Post Arthroscopic repair, Augmentation, Decompression and Biceps TenoTomy/ TenoDesis


Frozen Shoulder

Most common cause of shoulder pain in the elderly where patients have severe pain and poor quality of life due to Globally restricted shoulder movements. Frozen shoulder is often associated with Cuff Dysfunction and requires rigorous physical therapy for treatment. Good functional outcomes with prolonged treatment is a rule.

Meet The Experts

With increasing growth of technology and expertise, there are various methods to achieve similar functional outcomes with Minimally Invasive( Arthroscopic ) Surgeries (MIS).

Many clients have doubts on how to proceed with their clinical condition and what should be the best treatment modality for them. Our experts allow ample time and explanation along with meticulous post operative follow up for complete functional recovery of patients.

For our speciality is "Personalised Care"

Orthopedic & Sports Injury Specialist in Gurgaon 

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Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries

Joint Replacement 

Fracture & Trauma Care

Arthroscopy essentially means minimally invasive surgery using a Camera (Arthroscope) and Instruments for a joint pathology. This commonly involves Knee joint (ACL, PCL, MCL , LCL, MPFL), Shoulder Joint (Dislocation, Painful shoulder, Rotator cuff tears), Elbow, Wrist, Hip and Ankle.

Minimally invasive surgery has excellent outcomes with properly chosen cases. It has shown higher return to sports as compared to Open/ Conventional Surgeries

Joint Replacement has become a more commoner and day care surgery esp. after COVID 19 infection. This surgery is very rewarding but warrants the correct indication and accurate diagnoses. Most patients heal uneventfully with excellent function. The recovery span may wary from person to person.

Shoulder ; Hip ; Knee ; Elbow



Fracture and trauma care forms essential part of orthopaedic practice. With a experience of over 10 years and over 5000 + plus surgeries, we offer the most minimally invasive and advanced modalities in treatment of the injury. With speciality in complex and neglected trauma, we offer wide range of treatments with good to excellent outcomes. 

Fracture and trauma care includes extremities.

Sports injury management is not the same now. With more people of all age groups focussing on sports and fitness, we see people of all age groups and strata with Ligament injury, Cartilage injury, Meniscus injuries, Shoulder dislocations etc. 
With more orientation towards sports specific and overuse injuries, we cater to one stop solution to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate the patient back to active lifestyle.

Have a Sports Injury (ACL Injury) ?

From a patient with simple hip pain due to Avascular necrosis of the hip to complicated cases including neglected injuries and surgical failures, we have an armamentarium that fits all. 

With a wide range of ceramic and dual mobility implants, now hip replacements last for 20 years plus. Early mobilisation and recovery with innovative techniques and technology dependence have revolutionised Total Hip Replacements.

Looking for A Total Hip Replacement ?

Looking for A Total Knee Replacement ?

When it comes to getting your mothers knee replaced, nothing is more comforting than to hear from some one else's mom about it. 

With patients more than satisfied with their in-hospital experience with Joint replacements, we cater to smiles through out the course of recovery of your loved ones. We offer CT guided and Navigated Joint replacements.


Jyoti Hospital, Ganapati Enclave, 28, Jharsa Rd, Housing Board Colony, Gurugram, Haryana 122001


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